Wild Frontiers Uganda

The Wild Frontiers Vehicle Fleet

New-model, Extended, Safari Fitted Toyota LandCruisers

Each of our safari fleet of 15 vehicles are purchased new from the factory then custom extended and safari fitted in Tanzania. Our own purpose-built workshop in Entebbe is responsible for a full and thorough service of every vehicle before it departs on safari.

See below for a description of our safari modifications.

Wild Frontiers Safari Vehicle Features – Exterior
  • Snorkel for deep water crossings

  • Table extension for picnics in the wild

  • Bull Bars & Roll Bars

  • Customised, Extended Body to seat 7 with optimal viewing

  • All-Terrain Tyres

  • 2 x Fuel tanks to go the extra mile

  • Hi-lift jack & emergency recovery equipment

  • 2 x Spare Wheels

  • “Pop Top” roof for 360° viewing

Wild Frontiers Safari Vehicle Features – Interior
  • Cushions for extra comfort

  • 7 reclining “window” passenger seats

  • In-car refrigerator for snacks and drinks

  • Luggage Cage

  • Extra Lighting

  • Extended windows for better in-car viewing

  • Plug-in Invertor for charging of phones or cameras