Wild Frontiers Uganda

Guide Profiles

Ham Juuko (Senior Guide)

Date of Birth – 13th November 1971

Ham was born and raised in Western Uganda as a country boy who helped raise cattle on the family farm. He moved to the big city of Kampala after schooling where he successfully completed his Diploma in accounting and also Customer Care.

Ham has continued to live in Kampala with his family and currently has two children. His hobbies and interests include watching football, reading and spending time with his young family when not on the road.

Ham started guiding in 1999 and worked for various tour companies in Kampala before joining Wild Frontiers in 2006 as a senior guide.  Ham has added to his training and professionalism during his employment with certificates in Wilderness Medical Associates First Aid certificate, 4×4 driving (high range and self recovery), a bird guiding course in 2005 and advanced certification in professional guiding from Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA).  He has put his passionate interest in wildlife and experience caring for clients together to become an excellent all round guide and is often chosen as the lead guide for our larger safari groups.

Jean-Paul Mirenge Remezo “JP” (Senior Guide)

Date of birth – 16th June 1970

Jean-Paul grew up in the area around Kisoro in the extreme south west of Uganda but now lives in Entebbe with his wife and two young children.

His hobbies include participating and watching sports, especially football and also listening to music in his spare time.

Paul joined Wild Frontiers in 2007 after he had been working for five years already in the tourism industry as a guide. He is a professional guide with a certificate in professional guiding from Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA), Wilderness Medical Associates First Aid certificate , 4X4 driving certificates (high range and self recovery) and now many years of experience. His language abilities include English, Swahili and French adds to his versatility as a guide.

Mustafah Kiika – “Steffie” (Senior Guide)

Date of birth – 2nd Dec 1973
Steffie, as he is generally known, grew up in Kampala where he also went to school and studies afterwards for Mechanical Engineering.  He has a family with two children.

Steffie has a relatively quiet personality but his good sense of humor and  excellent ability to relate to people always wins through as well as being able to offer interesting information on almost any area or aspect of Uganda.

He has traveled widely around the country and also worked in several up-country areas including Ishasha in Queen Elizabeth National Park.  His working experience includes being a logistics officer taking care of overseas volunteers from 1995-1997 for the British based organization Frontiers, working as a mechanic and driver for the Wildlife Education Centre and also camp coordinator for Elephants Crop And People project (ECP) in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Steffie has been working for Wild frontiers since 1998 and is one of our longest serving guides and staff members.  He takes great pride in his work and the vehicles he drives are always immaculately turned out.  As a professional guide he has attained Wilderness Medical Associates First Aid certificate, 4X4 driving (high range and self recovery) and his professional guiding certification from Uganda Safaris Guides Association (USAGA).

Moses Makinawa

Date of birth – 10th Feb 1974

Moses was born in Kalagala-Lyantonde district located at the border of Ankole and Buganda kingdom in the central area of Uganda.

He went to Kasambya Primary school and later St Gonzaga Secondary School for secondary level.  His tertiary education afforded him a diploma in electronic engineering.

Moses is married with two children.  His hobbies include participating and watching sports, especially football and also birding in his spare time.

In 2004 Moses decided upon a career change and went through a series of tour guiding courses to gain knowledge and allow him to work on a freelance basis for a number of Tour Companies in Kampala from where he has gained valuable experience.

Moses joined Wild Frontiers in 2012 and has succeeded in fitting well into the safari guides’ team and is now an integral member. In 2013 Moses was successful in gaining his Wilderness Medical Associates First Aid certificate and On Course 4×4 driving course (high/low range and defensive)

He has also recently attained his Professional Guiding certificate from Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA).

Daivd Acaye

Date of Birth -26th December 1986
David was born in Awach, Gulu District in Northern Uganda.

He attended Awach primary school and later Gulu High School for O and A level certificates.

After school he pursued his interests and gained a certificate in computers and motor vehicle technology.

In 2009 he joined Wild Frontiers as a river guide based at Murchison Falls on the river Nile.  He was promoted to Boat Captain and started to learn of his skill and interest in fishing. David obtained his certification in Power Boat Operating and Handling from the Royal Yachting Association in Mombasa, Kenya during 2012.

With some years of experience on the river, David was offered a position as a Trainee Safari Guide allowing him to broaden his guiding and vehicle driving experience being responsible for guests traveling by road in safari vehicles.  David’s certification in 4×4 driving driving (high/low range and defensive) was completed in 2014.  He also completed the first level of professional guiding certification from Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA) during 2015.

David is currently based up country near the Bwindi area and hosts many of the clients flying into this area for gorilla trekking as well moving to Murchison Falls National Park regularly for guiding of fishing safaris.

David is a very personable guide and with his love of relating stories he has heard from his grandfather about Uganda’s traditions along with his sense of humor he has already become a firm favorite for repeat guests.

Even when David is not working he can still be found practicing his fishing skills or reading up on his wildlife knowledge as he finds this relaxing and enjoyable.  His other great area of interest is football, whether that be watching or playing.

Martin Okot (Senior Guide Birding Specialist)

Date of birth – 30th December 1975

Martin is from the Acholi tribe, which is from the far North of Uganda although he grew up locally in Entebbe and attended the local schools of the area.  He studied  Zoology at university   He is a family man married with three children.

His interests and hobbies listening to music and watching rugby.

He started his career interest in wildlife working for the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre in Entebbe as a Zoo Keeper for five years before moving to work with a tour company in Kampala for approximately five years.  During that time Martin gained a wide range of experience and went on several specialist courses for guiding including birding, for which he has a keen interest.

Martin joined Wild Frontiers in 2006 in the capacity of a senior guide.  Since that time he has endeavored to increase his guiding skills and knowledge with First Aid courses, additional birding courses, 4×4 driving (high/low range and defensive) and also recently attained his professional guiding certificate from Uganda safari Guides Association ( USAGA).

Martin offers guests the benefit of his general wildlife knowledge as well as specialist birding experience to ensure he operates a first class safari.

Sulaiman Iga (Sula)

Date of birth – 18th August 1982

Sula is from the Mweya region of Queen Elizabeth National Park and spent all of his childhood there. He grew up in the bush and developed a passion for all nature and wildlife from an early age. He is from the muganda and mutoro tribes, both rich in culture, making Sula knowledgeable in local sites and traditions.

He completed his secondary schooling in Kampala, after which he successfully completed a diploma in Tourism, Wildlife and Hotel Management. Sula spent many years, both during his schooling and after, working with environmental and wildlife research teams in Uganda’s main national parks: Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo and Murchison Falls National Park. He also worked with community and heath focused NGOs as a driver in the field, helping to set up the stations and communicating with the locals.

Sula has an incredible amount of practical knowledge gained from a hands on experience in the field and the national parks. He began guiding in the early 2000s and his depth of knowledge and skill is apparent from the first point of meeting.

In his free time he loves brushing up on his nature and wildlife knowledge through self study, but also enjoys a good game of pool! He has a very easy going nature and positive attitude, making him very pleasant company and always has a smile ready. As he says, “life is good!”

Echilus Baijuka (Echy)

Date of birth – 11th November 1986

Echy was born in the district of Kibale and is of the Munyoro tribe. He began his education at the Paraa Primary School, then went to Hoima for secondary school and finally completed his schooling in Masindi.

Shortly after, in 2008 Echy joined the Wild Frontiers team at Murchison Falls as a trainee skipper-guide. Under the mentorship of the Boats Manager there, Echy trained to become a fishing and river guide. Over the years, as he learnt about the park and its varied flora and fauna, he was promoted to a full skipper and lead boat guide. In 2013 he achieved the world record for the Nile Perch he landed at 113kg!

With his experience and knowledge of the park, positive attitude and easy way, Echy became very popular with clients and often was requested for by Wild Frontiers’ repeat clients. His interest in tour guiding encouraged him to apply for further training by Wild Frontiers. In 2017 Echy was shifted to the South west of Uganda, where he is now based and has since been guiding fly-in clients to both Ishasha (in the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park) and Buhoma Lodge in Bwindi Forest.

Echy has received a certificate in boat handling & operations by Wild Frontiers in 2014, first aid training by The Uganda Red Cross Society in 2010 and 2016 and by Wilderness First Aid in Tanzania in 2013. Since 2015 he has been a certified guide by the Uganda Safari Guides Association.

In his free time Echy enjoys sport fishing and bird watching, but also watching a good football match with friends!

Edward Ekisa (Eddie)

Date of birth – 16th August 1977

Eddie, born and raised in Entebbe, began his schooling in his home town then continued studying in Kampala and went on to study Information Technology. He graduated in IT and Software engineering in 2003.

His interest in tourism and travel came from the many years working for the Jane Goodall Institute, as part of the chimp rescue team. Eddie initially joined as an IT technician, maintaining hardware and software for JGI. He then began doing also photography and videography for the team’s rescue missions as well as driving. With the JGI team he often visited Budongo Forest in Murchison Falls National Park, as well as Kasokwa Forest in Masindi and Kibale Forest to rescue chimps trapped in snares and other man traps. Eddie quickly learned so much about the wildlife in the forest as well as the national parks and these years with JGI sparked his passion for wildlife and conservation.

During this period with JGI, 2007-2013, Eddie did numerous trips to Murchison Falls National Park and Bwindi Forest where he also observed and met with tour guides and companies. The interest for travel and passion for wildlife, led him to opening a safari tour company with a close friend in 2008. Their business ran for a while and Eddie went on safari trips with clients all over Uganda. He has been working as a safari guide for the last ten years and truly enjoys imparting his knowledge of the country and the wildlife with clients.

In his free time, Eddie is very active and sporty and often goes swimming, biking or training at the gym. He speaks English fluently as well as some Swahili and continues to live in Entebbe.

Joseph Mutebi – “Junior” (Senior Birding Specialist Guide)

Date of Birth – 28th August 1978

Joseph grew up in Mukono, he was born into a large family of eleven children and is the last born.

He studied in Mukono for high school and then went onto do a diploma course in Tourism & Conservation.

Joseph is married with two daughters.  He is a member of the Mustard seeds babies’ home where he helps them by donating his time to spend with the children and assist escorting them on excursions.   Joseph’s interests and hobbies include spending time with his large family, watching sports, fishing and birding. Even when off duty he can often be found with a bird book and binoculars at hand.

Joseph started his guiding career working with one of his brothers in the safari industry but decided to branch out and joined Wild Frontiers in 2009 as a safari guide specialising in birding making good use of his qualifications and experience in this specialist field.   Joseph has furthered his training whilst with us to include a certificate in walking safaris (dangerous game on foot)  by Bushveld South Africa which was conducted in Tanzania, two certificates for 4×4 driving ( high range and self recovery) and a his Second Level certificate in professional guiding from Uganda safari Guides Association ( USAGA) in 2012.  Joseph’s language ability includes English, Swahili and a little Spanish which helps to make him a well rounded and popular choice of guide on our safaris.